The best SEO tools, that i use

As i created my blog i learned a bit about seo. How does it works and why we have to do it. I think that isn’t so difficult as many writers says. You can find such great tools for it, for example, when you would like to analyze your domain you can go to Majestic, Seo-Metrics or MOZ. You can find out what is your site’s trust flow or citation flow. MOZ has a great metrics called DA or Domain Authority which shows you how strong your website is.

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On the site you can find out what is the main problem with your site, and they have a great tool, to find out how much you can earn with your site. With Majestic, which are one of the best and greatest tool, that i ever used, you can find out your domains,TF and CF like Trust Flow and Citation Flow. That are metrics like PR (page rank) was before. So when your site has for example more than 10 TF that means that your referral sites are valuable.

If you would like to rank your site better, you have to know, that not every link are the same. You have to check the main metrics and analyze your domain. Also you can get more visitors with content marketing. There is a new way to bring more unique user to your site.

Here is my friend Steven’s opinion about backlinks and seo:

To generate new links, you can exercise various options. Links can be bought with the help of a link service provider. You can exercise guest posting option so that you can add new link on other websites. It is also possible to create a backlink without taking the help of others. If there are any expired domains, you can create links. You can depend upon various kinds of free resources to generate backlinks so that the traffic on your website will be very high.

Backlinks or inbound links will flow to your site from other web pages and blog posts. If you manage a good number of backlinks, the popularity of your website will increase. The importance of your site in search engine perspective will improve.

It is very much important to create natural link juice to and from your website so that you can make the most of your investment. You should be able to generate links from other relevant sites in a natural way. The blog or website should establish domain or page authority. The worth of your site in the internet will be assessed by Google and page ranking will be allotted.

For example, Facebook and Google will score 100 of 100 for domain authority as they are established and popular sites. The page authority is different for a home page and ‘about us’ page. There are websites which manage high authority based on the production of interesting news articles. Link exchange option was widely exercised during 2005-2007 and it was traced by Google and it is no more a valid option. You should manage backlinks so that you can mange sufficient traffic to your site.

There are many benefits associated with on-site seo. You can optimize the structure, title, content, and tags. The optimization will be done as per the targeted keywords. The successful implementation of on-site seo will take place with the selection of right set of keywords. The keywords that are actually used to search your website should be used for optimization. If you spend time on research, you can figure out the appropriate keywords. You should assess the search volume as well as the competition to the keyword. In addition to the Google keyword research tool, you can use many tools presented by third parties as well.

Webmasters should focus on creation of quality backlinks as some search engines like Google will give more credit to websites with good number of inbound links. Search engines will consider the number of quality inbound links. The quality of a link is assessed based on the content presented on the website.

If your website gets inbound links and those sites contain the content relevant to your website, there will be weightage to those backlinks. Hence, there should be focus on quality rather than the quantity of links. If your website is referred by many other websites, the authority of your website will improve.

If your website is the most sought after website of other websites, it will be preferred by Google and Google will share your website in search results. When you manage a number of backlinks, new visitors will reach your website. Hence, the traffic on your site will increase.

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