2017. September 18. – Respect for the Aged Day, national holiday in Japan

Today let’s talk about a little history of Japan. As i study, i am very interested in the historical things of this wonderful country.

Among national holidays that are celebrated by people in Japan, Respect for the Aged Day holds a prominent place. This holiday is being celebrated to honor to elderly citizen in Japan. The first ever celebrations started back in 1966. Since then, it was held on 15th of September, every year. After 2003, it was shifted to third Monday of every September. That means in 2017 September 18th.

Respect For the Aged Day

Even though people started celebrating Respect for the Aged Day back in 1966, its origins trace back all the way up to 1947. In 1947, Nomadani-mura proclaimed 15th of September to be the Old Folks Day. This concept became popular along with time and it became a nationwide holiday in 1966. On this day, Japanese media companies take time to telecast reports on elderly population. They also pay special attention towards the oldest people who live within the country.

People also consider as the Seniors Day. This day is also linked with a variety of traditions. Primary objective of all these traditions is to honor the elders. People also tend to purchase special gifts special gifts for their elders on this day and wish them with longevity.

2017 September 18. Respect for the aged day
Celebrating the aged people

Japan has got the highest population with seniors who are aged over 100 years. All the seniors who reach 100 years for a given year are provided with a silver sake dish on the day. Before 2016, dishes that were made out of real silver were provided to the seniors. However, now they are being provided with silver plated dishes. The increasing number of centenarians within the country has contributed towards the above mentioned fact. The government had to spend a considerable amount of money on the silver dishes as well and giving silver plated dishes have assisted them to reduce the expenses by a great extent.

According to the stats of 2015, the average life expectancy of a person in Japan was 87.05. Moreover, it was identified that more than 34.6 million people living in the country are aged over 65 years. This has given a tough challenge for the Japanese government as well because they need to focus on how to fund social security payments and provide health care facilities.

On Respect for the Aged Day, all the media channels in Japan take time to feature older generations. It has also been declared as a national holiday. This provides plenty of time for the people to celebrate the day with their seniors. Most of the Japanese people live away from their seniors. On this day, they take time to visit the seniors and see whether they are doing well.

Due to all these reasons, can be considered as one of the most prominent national holidays that are celebrated by people who live in Japan.

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