Is vegan pregnancy healthy?

Hi everyone!

Today i have a bit different topic, because i am vegan, and i am planning to get pregnant, and i would like to following the vegan pregnancy. I don’t really know, that is good, is that healthy, so i did a bit research about it. There are a lot of topics, and i found a blog, there are many moms who are pregnant already or have a baby, and there are a lot of advice about this topic.

vegan pregnancy
Is vegan pregnancy healthy?

Dr. Shannon M. Clark says in a NYTime article, that eat vegan during pregnancy is absolutely ok, and not unhealthy.

There weren’t any randomized-controlled trials, but 2015 review and 22 observational studies says, that eat vegan, and have a vegan pregnancy doesn’t mean, that there will any major birth defects or serious problems.

I found out that when i follow the rules, it will all right. 🙂 Let’s see.

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