The best SEO tools, that i use

As i created my blog i learned a bit about seo. How does it works and why we have to do it. I think that isn’t so difficult as many writers says. You can find such great tools for it, for example, when you would like to analyze your domain you can go to Majestic, Seo-Metrics or MOZ. You can find out what is your site’s trust flow or citation flow. MOZ has a great metrics called DA or Domain Authority which shows you how strong your website is.

seo_link building

On the site you can find out what is the main problem with your site, and they have a great tool, to find out how much you can earn with your site. With Majestic, which are one of the best and greatest tool, that i ever used, you can find out your domains,TF and CF like Trust Flow and Citation Flow. That are metrics like PR (page rank) was before. So when your site has for example more than 10 TF that means that your referral sites are valuable.

If you would like to rank your site better, you have to know, that not every link are the same. You have to check the main metrics and analyze your domain. Also you can get more visitors with content marketing. There is a new way to bring more unique user to your site.

Here is my friend Steven’s opinion about backlinks and seo:

To generate new links, you can exercise various options. Links can be bought with the help of a link service provider. You can exercise guest posting option so that you can add new link on other websites. It is also possible to create a backlink without taking the help of others. If there are any expired domains, you can create links. You can depend upon various kinds of free resources to generate backlinks so that the traffic on your website will be very high.

Backlinks or inbound links will flow to your site from other web pages and blog posts. If you manage a good number of backlinks, the popularity of your website will increase. The importance of your site in search engine perspective will improve.

It is very much important to create natural link juice to and from your website so that you can make the most of your investment. You should be able to generate links from other relevant sites in a natural way. The blog or website should establish domain or page authority. The worth of your site in the internet will be assessed by Google and page ranking will be allotted.

For example, Facebook and Google will score 100 of 100 for domain authority as they are established and popular sites. The page authority is different for a home page and ‘about us’ page. There are websites which manage high authority based on the production of interesting news articles. Link exchange option was widely exercised during 2005-2007 and it was traced by Google and it is no more a valid option. You should manage backlinks so that you can mange sufficient traffic to your site.

There are many benefits associated with on-site seo. You can optimize the structure, title, content, and tags. The optimization will be done as per the targeted keywords. The successful implementation of on-site seo will take place with the selection of right set of keywords. The keywords that are actually used to search your website should be used for optimization. If you spend time on research, you can figure out the appropriate keywords. You should assess the search volume as well as the competition to the keyword. In addition to the Google keyword research tool, you can use many tools presented by third parties as well.

Webmasters should focus on creation of quality backlinks as some search engines like Google will give more credit to websites with good number of inbound links. Search engines will consider the number of quality inbound links. The quality of a link is assessed based on the content presented on the website.

If your website gets inbound links and those sites contain the content relevant to your website, there will be weightage to those backlinks. Hence, there should be focus on quality rather than the quantity of links. If your website is referred by many other websites, the authority of your website will improve.

If your website is the most sought after website of other websites, it will be preferred by Google and Google will share your website in search results. When you manage a number of backlinks, new visitors will reach your website. Hence, the traffic on your site will increase.

Is vegan pregnancy healthy?

Hi everyone!

Today i have a bit different topic, because i am vegan, and i am planning to get pregnant, and i would like to following the vegan pregnancy. I don’t really know, that is good, is that healthy, so i did a bit research about it. There are a lot of topics, and i found a blog, there are many moms who are pregnant already or have a baby, and there are a lot of advice about this topic.

vegan pregnancy
Is vegan pregnancy healthy?

Dr. Shannon M. Clark says in a NYTime article, that eat vegan during pregnancy is absolutely ok, and not unhealthy.

There weren’t any randomized-controlled trials, but 2015 review and 22 observational studies says, that eat vegan, and have a vegan pregnancy doesn’t mean, that there will any major birth defects or serious problems.

I found out that when i follow the rules, it will all right. 🙂 Let’s see.

10 BEST places to visit in Japan

Hi everone! 🙂 Today i will speak about the most famous place in Japan, this are the places you have to visit!

Let’s make clear: Japan is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. Visitors can get a glimpse of the Japanese history and culture. They can also get to know the new technical developments and have a vision of the future. Almost every historical bulidings are used as their original purposes while it can be visited by the tourists. Besides, Japan has the lowest crime rate, which makes it ideal for travelers. Here are the most popular places to visit in Japan

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial serves as a memorial to the people who were killed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. The monument in the park shows the Genbaku Dome, the only buliding that stands still after the atomic bombing.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Jigokudani Monkey Park

The Jigokudani Monkey Park is near to Nagano, which is rich in hot water springs. The name („Hell’s Valley”) comes from the hot water and steam, surrounded by terribly cold forests. The monkeys come from the forest to have a bath in the hot spring, then they go back to the safe forest at night.

Kyomizu- dera 

Kyomizu – dera is a Buddhist temple in eastern Kyoto. Its history goes back to 798. There is an indoor waterfall, thanks to the river next to the temple, which makes harmony between the temple and the nature. They did not use a single angle to build it. While the local people jumped from the terrace, hoping that their wishes will come true (85.4% of them survived), the turists can see the exhibited relics, talizmans and work of arts without risking their lives.

Kyomizu dera 
Kyomizu- dera

Himeji Castle

The Himeji Castle is the greatest example of the Japanese architecture. It’s been rebuilt in the past centuries so every eras’ style can be seen.
It survived the bombing of World War II and it also apperas in a James Bond movie, You Only Live Once. Its white colour and implementation are reminding us to a bird, that’s why they often call it White Heron Castle.

The Great Buddha of Kamakura

The monument represents Japan’s most famous buddha figure, Amida Buddha. This bronze statue is 13 metres high and is approximately weighs 93 tons. Supposedly, it stands since 1252.

Todaiji Temple

The Todaiji Temple is located in Nara.  It is not only the world’s biggest wooden building, but the world’s biggest bronze buddha statue can also be found here. It is surrounded with beautiful gardens and wildlife. The Kegon school of Buddhism is situated here too. The place hides a lot of artifacts of the japanese and buddhist history. Deers are free to go anywhere at the era as the messengers of the Shinto gods.

Todaiji Temple

Tokyo Tower

The Eiffel Tower was the inspiration to build the tower, and it is 11 metres higher. This is the second largest man-made building in Japan, it functions as a communication and observation tower. Tourists can go on top and see the beautiful view of Tokyo or they can go shopping or have a meal in a restaurant.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Imperial Palace

The emperor of Japan lives in the palace. It is also an administration center and a museum of the Japanese art and history. The palace stands on ruins of former castles, that were destroyed by fire or wars.


Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan at 3776 metres. The vulcano is Japan’s well-known symbol, it is often used in arts and in photographs and it is also a great tourist atraction.
About 200 thousands of people climb the mountain per year, 30 % of them are tourists. It takes about 3-8 hours to go up and about 2-4 hours to go down.

Mount Fuji Japan
Mount Fuji Japan

Golden Pavilion

The Kinkaku-ji or Golden Pavilion is the most popular tourist attraction of Japan and Kyoto. The pavilion was originally the villa of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu at the end of the XVI. century.
Unfortunately, the pavilion was burnt down by a young monk in 1950. 5 years later the building was rebuilt as the perfect copy of the original and covered it in gold.

How to make sushi at home?

You don’t have to order sushi from expensive restaurants all the time, you can make it for yourself at home. It won’t be easy, but it’s definitely worth it!

If you decide to make sushi at home, be very calm and patient and watch at least 2 different videos on the Internet about the making process. The rice, if you’re making it right, will be very sticky.  It’s important to have a water pot next to you so you can make your hands wet! Be careful, the nori doesnt’t like water! Your knife should be very sharp! Good luck in making your maki sushis!

sushi at home
You can make sushi yourself


25 dkg short grain rice
3 dl water
3 tablespoon rice vinegar
2 teaspoon sugar
1 spoon salt
1 pack of Nori
1 bamboo roll
1 cucumber
1 red pepper
10 dkg raw tuna
10 dkg raw salmon
wasabi powder or paste
marinated pink ginger
soy sauce


1. Wash the rice with cold water until the turbidity of the water is gone. It takes about 8-10 water exchange. Put the rice into a pot and pour enough water to cover it all then cover the pod and boil it over on slow fire.

2. After it boiled, take the pod off the fire and let it rest for 15 minutes. Mix the rice vinegar with salt and sugar in a bowl and add the rice vinegar to the hot rice. Only a quarter for first, then mix it. Repeat it until you’re out of vinegar. Put aside and cool it down!

3. Cut the cucumber lenghtwise into eight pieces. Cut its ovary out and make a long straight line exactly the size of the nori. Make the pepper the same way.

4.  Before using the fish, put it in the freezer for 24 hours so the prasites inside them die. Get the aristas out of the fish and cut it into the thickness of your little finger, of course, without the skin! If the wasabi is powder mix it with a little water and make it into a plastic-like mass.

5. Put a half arc nori to the bamboo roll. Kepp your hands wet and put 2-3 tablespoon sushi rice to the middle of the nori and spread it evenly, but leave approximately 1-1,5 centimetres at the top and at the bottom of the nori. (it’s necessary for the rolling process)

6. Put the vegetables and/or meat to the rice in longitudinal direction (you can also add wasabi if you like it). After that, start to roll the nori with the help of the bamboo and pay attention to the rice to be tightly closed at both sides.

7. While carefully rolling, squeeze the roll a bit so that the role in making won’t fall into pieces, but be careful to not pusht it way too hard. After rolling it, remove the bamboo.

8. With a wet and very sharp knife, start to slice the sushi rolls to equal slices. Be careful to slice it straight so it won’t collapse.

Enjoy your meal!

Everything you need to know about Yakitori

Today, let’s talk about one of the best Japanese food. You know which is this? 🙂

It is possible for you to find a large number of unique foods in Japan. Out of them, this great food holds a prominent place. By appearance, Yakitori looks like burned chicken. But if you taste it, you will be able to figure out how unique it is. It is a type of skewered chicken prepared by people in Japan.

Do yakitori
How can we make it?

So, how it’s made? 

The preparation process is a relatively complex one. In ere, meat is skewered along with kushi. Skewer used for this process is usually made out of bamboo or steel. After skewering, this is grilled over charcoal fire. Moreover, it is seasoned along with salt or tart sauce to enhance the taste.

You can find two main varieties. The seasoning process differentiates these two varieties. They include salty sweet and salty Yakitori. When preparing salty one, plain salt is being used as the main ingredient during the seasoning process. But when preparing salty sweet one, tate is being used. Tate is a special sauce, which contains soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar. A variety of spices, such as shichimi, cayenne pepper, black pepper and Japanese pepper are also being used to enhance the taste delivered.

It’s served to the guests in every part of Japan. You can commonly see them being served around the large stations, which are located near business districts. In addition, you can see a large number of small shops, which specialize in selling. These shops are known as Yakitori-ya by people in Japan. These small shops don’t have dining facilities.

Therefore, people will have to take out what they purchase. However, it is important to keep in mind that Yakitori is a widely served dish in the popular sit down restaurants across the country as well.

This is not a food item that is limited to specialty shops. Therefore, you will not find it as a difficult task to purchase this food in Japan. You will be able to find them in many different flavors as well. It is up to you to go through the available flavors and purchase the best ones out of them as per your preferences.

Due to the portability and ease of preparation, this great meal has become one of the most popular street foods in Japan. People prefer to enjoy this delicious food along with beer and sake. They have the ability to enhance the unique flavor offered by Yakitori.

While you are ordering it, you will be able to select whether you want the skewers seasoned with a flavor of your preferences or not. You will have to consume this food by your hands. You can directly eat it after taking out of the skewer. Some people prefer to use chopsticks in order to remove meat from skewer before they consume. If you are eating Yakitori at a restaurant, you will also be provided with a small cut, which can be used to put discarded skewers.

So try it, and let me know how was it. 🙂

2017. September 18. – Respect for the Aged Day, national holiday in Japan

Today let’s talk about a little history of Japan. As i study, i am very interested in the historical things of this wonderful country.

Among national holidays that are celebrated by people in Japan, Respect for the Aged Day holds a prominent place. This holiday is being celebrated to honor to elderly citizen in Japan. The first ever celebrations started back in 1966. Since then, it was held on 15th of September, every year. After 2003, it was shifted to third Monday of every September. That means in 2017 September 18th.

Respect For the Aged Day

Even though people started celebrating Respect for the Aged Day back in 1966, its origins trace back all the way up to 1947. In 1947, Nomadani-mura proclaimed 15th of September to be the Old Folks Day. This concept became popular along with time and it became a nationwide holiday in 1966. On this day, Japanese media companies take time to telecast reports on elderly population. They also pay special attention towards the oldest people who live within the country.

People also consider as the Seniors Day. This day is also linked with a variety of traditions. Primary objective of all these traditions is to honor the elders. People also tend to purchase special gifts special gifts for their elders on this day and wish them with longevity.

2017 September 18. Respect for the aged day
Celebrating the aged people

Japan has got the highest population with seniors who are aged over 100 years. All the seniors who reach 100 years for a given year are provided with a silver sake dish on the day. Before 2016, dishes that were made out of real silver were provided to the seniors. However, now they are being provided with silver plated dishes. The increasing number of centenarians within the country has contributed towards the above mentioned fact. The government had to spend a considerable amount of money on the silver dishes as well and giving silver plated dishes have assisted them to reduce the expenses by a great extent.

According to the stats of 2015, the average life expectancy of a person in Japan was 87.05. Moreover, it was identified that more than 34.6 million people living in the country are aged over 65 years. This has given a tough challenge for the Japanese government as well because they need to focus on how to fund social security payments and provide health care facilities.

On Respect for the Aged Day, all the media channels in Japan take time to feature older generations. It has also been declared as a national holiday. This provides plenty of time for the people to celebrate the day with their seniors. Most of the Japanese people live away from their seniors. On this day, they take time to visit the seniors and see whether they are doing well.

Due to all these reasons, can be considered as one of the most prominent national holidays that are celebrated by people who live in Japan.

Hi, so let me introduce a little, and starting my blog :)

So, That is the first time that i am writing something to the big internet. Ok so, iam a 23 years old girl, my english is not perfect, it is not my mother language. but who cares. Did you know, that my last name “bousai” means in japanese “disaster prevention”? Man, what a name. :))

And you can write it down so: 防災

Cool, isn’t it? Thanks DAD!

So, that is for today. I am going to sleep. So you tomorrow.